AccessibleEU Networking event

AccessibleEU is one of the flagship initiatives proposed by the European Commission Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030. It is a resource Centre on accessibility working on areas such as built environment, transport, information and communication technologies to ensure the participation of persons with disabilities in all areas of life on equal basis with others. 

You are invited to save the date for the next AccessibleEU Networking event aimed at ‘Building Community, Connecting Stakeholders’.

AccessibleEU aims to strengthen contacts and connections between key players and main entities, both public, private, and non-profit, to foster common interests. These are the main goals of the event:

  • To weave a network that ensures the connection between all parties involved in accessibility across all sectors, and fosters the creation of alliances.
  • To facilitate a structured dialogue between leaders of industry sectors, public administrations and civil society representatives.
  • To include all accessibility professionals at institutional and business levels and promote their participation to foster knowledge, skills and competences within the entire community.
  • To identify and promote commitment to good practices, supporting their adoption and replicability in all countries.

>> You can read more and register here.

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