European Parliament elections 2019


European Parliament elections 2019 banner for AGE campaign

The European citizens will elect the next European Parliament on 23-26 May 2019. This year again, AGE Platform Europe and its members organisation will mobilise to ensure the MEP candidates and elected representatives take initiatives that will be able to meet the challenge of an ageing population.

Read our February 2019 Special Briefing

A Manifesto calling for a Europe inclusive of all ages

For the next mandate, AGE will again pursue the aim of an age-friendly European Union and call on candidate members of the European Parliament to ensure that elimination of age discrimination becomes an identified priority on equal foot to other grounds of discrimination. 

AGE Manifesto presents seven ideas that will help preserve the rights of Europeans at any age. Since 20 February 2019, it can be endorsed by Members of the European Parliament and candidates in the European elections. 

A Tookit for senior organisations to engage in the campaign

AGE Platform Europe has released its European Elections toolkit for senior citizens’ organisations. In the toolkit, we develop a few ideas of what you could take part in the public debates that will take place with candidates during the campaign for the elections of the European Parliament.

  1. Stay informed about the parties’ manifestos and candidates
  2. Share AGE Manifesto and/or set up your own
  3. Meet with national candidates standing for elections
  4. Organise debates, hearings, and conferences with candidates
  5. Team up with other NGOs at national and local level
  6. Join ‘This Time, I’m Voting’, the campaign of the Parliament
  7. Be visible, be vocal (incl. in the press and on social media)

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