European Commission publishes results on public consultation on mobile health

mHealth consultationThe public consultation on mHealth, open from 10th April until 10th July 2014, invited stakeholders to provide their views on the barriers and issues related to the use of mobile health care (mHealth) in the European Union. mHealth covers medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices.

The consultation inquired more precisely about the following 11 issues: data protection; big data; state of play of the applicable EU legal framework; patient safety and transparency of information; mHealth role in healthcare systems and equal access; interoperability; reimbursement models; liability; research &innovation; international cooperation; and access of web entrepreneurs to the mHealth market.

The responses, received from industry, national and regional authorities, health professionals, the research community, non-governmental organisations, patient associations and individuals, reveal that privacy and security, patient safety, a clear legal framework and better evidence on cost-effectiveness are all need to support the development of mHealth in Europe.

Read more on the European Commission’s website

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