Europe unites against frailty


AGE was invited to deliver a presentation and to participate to the Madrid ADVANTAGE Joint Action Forum on 13 December 2018. An opportunity for us to share with participants our vision of ageing and establish key contacts.

Building a common understanding on frailty

The Joint Action ADVANTAGE gathers 22 Member States and 33 organisations. It is co-funded by the European Union and the EU Member States involved. Partners work together to summarize the current State of the Art of the different components of frailty and its management and increase knowledge in this field. Frailty refers to older people’s increased vulnerability. However, since frailty is not an inevitable consequence of ageing, it can be prevented to foster a longer and healthier life. The JA ADVANTAGE is building a common understanding on frailty to be used in all EU countries. The final output will be the “Frailty prevention approach”, a common European model to tackle frailty indicating what should be prioritized in the coming years at European, national and regional level.

Launch of EU- wide campaign to ‘Face Up to Frailty’

Frailty is an important public health issue in our society, which can be effectively addressed. But to do so, there is the need to create awareness of the civil society at large and more specifically of policy makers, patients, informal carers, health professionals and researchers on the relevance and necessity of taking action on this issue. This is why the partners of the Joint Action are launching a campaign entitled “Face-up to Frailty” to raise awareness and concern about frailty and mobilize stakeholders. Some materials are already available in different languages, as well as stories and videos of older persons, which are interesting testimonies to get a picture of what frailty means concretely.

Spain has been paving the way with different stakeholders joining forces to lead this campaign, including the AGE member CEOMA.

You can join the movement and to support this campaign either by sharing stories and testimonies, and via Twitter: @Advantage_JA and #faceuptofrailty

AGE contribution

In June 2018 AGE Platform Europe joined the External Advisory Board of the Joint Action ADVANTAGE, notably to provide feedback and input on the Frailty Prevention Approach (FPA) as well as to build synergies with the Face Up to Fraily Campaign.

In the domain of frailty, AGE is also involde in the FrailSafe Project, an Horizon 2020 funded project.

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