EU research looks at the importance of protein for older persons


In Europe, between 13.5 % and 29.7 % of older persons living at home are malnourished or at risk of protein malnutrition. A European research project, of which AGE Platform Europe is a partner, called PROMISS, aims to better understand and ultimately prevent protein energy malnutrition in older age. To do so, PROMISS makes use of large scale databases to understand the relationships between food intake, food characteristics, physical activity, the oral and gut microbiota, and poor appetite, malnutrition and poor health among older adults. Preferences and attitudes of older persons with regard to food intake and physical activity are also identified.

In order to make the project more accessible to a broader audience, AGE together with the consortium, has set up a dedicated section on the PROMISS website to answer different questions regarding protein:


> Visit the PROMISS website and learn more about protein!


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