EU consultation on passengers’ rights in multimodal transport: join the survey until 25 May!

Public consultation icon The European Commission intends to propose a piece of legislation by end 2018 in relation to the rights of passengers in multimodal transport, i.e. when passengers are using different transport modes when travelling (for example: train+airplane, coach+waterbone services, etc.). Currently, there are a number of EU regulations in relation to passenger rights in the air, rail, waterborne and bus/coach sectors, which include rights for persons with reduced mobility. They apply independently to each individual transport mode under a single contract of carriage. Hence, when a journey involves multimodal transport (i.e. when different modes of transport are used by a passenger during a single journey), passenger rights cannot be guaranteed when an event occurring during one transport segment affects the following one if the latter segment is operated with another mode of transport.

Such legislation should notably help to better protect passengers, to tackle discrimination while travelling, support seamless travels across the European Union. This is why AGE will take part in the consultation opened by the European Commission to seek the opinion of the general public. We believe that it is important to underline that urban or local public transport services (including taxis) do not fall under the scope of this consultation.

You can participate directly in the consultation either as an organisation or as an invidual.

You can access the on-line questionnaire here. It is available in all EU languages (select your language in the right hand side column).

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