Ensuring access to public services for older people in digital societies

A new report by the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) explores the impact of digitalisation on the fundamental rights of older persons and maps current legislation and practices fostering digital inclusion.   

FRA’s report reveals that legislation across EU countries does not always acknowledge the risk of digital exclusion, nor does it address the barriers older people may face.

To ensure access to public services for all, FRA recommends EU countries to:

  • guarantee equal access to public services, such as pensions or social benefits. 
  • ensure full participation and the involvement of older people in the design and development of digital public services to address their needs.
  • develop digital skills to avoid digital exclusion (namely using EU funds).
  • combat ageism in fostering peer and intergenerational learning, and avoid ageist language.
  • collect inclusive data on the digital literacy of people over 74.

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