ENGAGED workshop investigates mutual learning strategies for innovation

Engaged logo-SMALLThe ENGAGED thematic network will host its next workshop and user forum in Donegal on 21 October 2014, in the frame of AER – the Assembly of the European Regions. Mutual learning strategies will be explored and the participants will be working in groups, liaising with the recent evolutions in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA) and with the intergenerational practices underlined by the AER special prize for Youth-Friendly European Region, allowing young and old participants to interact, together with regional and local stakeholders.

Knowledge is created in different places in society. To better understand problems and find effective solutions it is necessary to bring together the experiential knowledge of case agents, users at various levels, and the abstract knowledge of scientists.
Mutual learning strategies aim at establishing efficient transfer of knowledge between science, society and problem owners (science, society, industry, politicians).
When and why use mutual learning strategies?
How organise mutual learning activities? With which stakeholders?
How to assess the benefits of mutual learning strategies? Isn’t it a time-consuming process?
Are there examples of mutual learning strategies producing concrete outputs?

The outcomes of this meeting will inform the ENGAGED final conference, planned on 25 November 2014 in Brussels, during the ETHEL symposium. Speakers, panellists and delegates will share lessons on innovation in health and social care and their link to health outcomes; integrated care communities; telemedicine moving from theory to practice and other subjects. They will also continue last year’s debate on Big Data vs. Big Health.

For more information on both events, please contact Ilenia.gheno@age-platform.eu

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