Driving Licence Directive: our concerns echoed by international experts

credit: Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

While discussions on a new European Driving licence directive are ongoing, older people’s organisations across the EU are raising some issues of concern.

Back in March, we informed you about the proposal of the European Commission to revise the Driving Licence Directive (see here). The legislative work around this proposal has started and the European Parliament is currently discussing possible amendments. Together with our members, we shared our concerns to the members of the European Parliament on issues that are key to us in particular:

  • the limited administrative validity of the driving licence for people aged 70+,
  • the risk of a mobile driving licence issued by default
  • the ageist wording used to describe certain medical conditions.

On top of the key reports and figures issued by the European Transport Safety Council (November 2023), we also have the valuable support of the UN Independent Experts, Claudia Mahler and Gerard Quinn, who have shared their concern about the proposed directive in a letter to the European Commission (see here).

For more information on this topic, the European Transport Safety Council is organising a webinar on “Improving Road Safety for Older People in Europe” on Friday 17 November (10:00-12:30 CET). We will be among the speakers. If you are interested, click here to register.


Julia Wadoux

Policy Manager on Healthy Ageing and Accessibility

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