Dreamlike Neighbourhood: Older people connect in their communities

The final event of the EU-funded project Dreamlike Neighbourhood presented the outcome of the project aimed at supporting older people to connect to their community. As a partner in this project, AGE Platform Europe co-organised the event.

Once you hear the stories of someone, that person is no longer a stranger”. This could be the summary of a two-year project that brought together over 80 older people from De Hague (Netherlands), Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). The Dreamlike Neighbourhood project celebrates age and ageing in the public space, cultivating neighborhoods that allow for connections and contributions across generations.

Under the moto “Together is better”, the final event of the project gathered 40 committed participants on 5th October 2022. This was the occasion to learn how we enabled neighborhoods to support– physically and socially – to live and age well and in place. In four European cities, older people came together, shared their thoughts and laughs, empowered each other, actively shaping and co-creating their neighborhoods.

“Dreamlike Neighbourhood’ moves beyond the scientific and the technical, to give time and space to come together to reflect, to dream, to inspire, to share ideas, and to start to work together towards making better places and neighbourhoods to which we can all aspire to and belong to. That your project is grounded on, and draws on, the lived experiences and stories of older people as the vital source and energy for you work, makes it all the more important – for the isolation, detachment and loneliness of many today is not the future we all dream of”.

Rood Bond, keynote speaker of the event

Attendees from all over the world registered and attended the event, and contributed to four breakout sessions, exploring the materials and lessons learnt by each city. And new seeds were created following this project! Synergies have been set up with near and far experiences and research, for new promising projects and good practices to see the light in the future!

The video of the whole event will be shortly available on the project’s website

For more information, please contact: Ilenia.gheno@age-platform.eu

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