Discrimination in the European Union – Eurobarometer survey

Eurobarometer_logo On 23 October, a special Eurobarometer report was released, painting a picture of the situation of discrimination in the European Union. The survey was commissioned to find out more about people’s attitudes towards discrimination. Women and men in all fifteen member countries were asked about discrimination they may have experienced or seen at work, in education, in seeking housing or as a customer of retail or other services. They were also asked about their attitudes towards discrimination. The questionnaire included questions on people’s perceptions of discrimination on the five grounds covered by the Community Action Programme against Discrimination: racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability (physical disability, learning difficulties or mental illness) age and sexual orientation.

Respondents of the EU consider discrimination for being Roma is most widespread (61%) in their country, followed by discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin and skin colour (59%), sexual orientation (53%), transgender (48%), religion and belief (47%), disability (44%), age (40%) and gender (35%).

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