Art in the fight against ageism

photo credit: Red Cross of Serbia

Our member the Red Cross of Serbia is running a new EU-funded project against ageism: ‘Age Against The Machine’. Through an interactive and intergenerational approach, the project will highlight the need to redefine our relationship to older persons, using art and theater as a driving force for change.

The “Age Against The Machine” project aims to increase the awareness, knowledge and interest of citizens and decision makers regarding ageing issues and the position of older persons in our society, using different participatory methodologies applied to theatre. The project will address ageism, age discrimination and the violence against older persons through the creation of an international network of five cities. Existing discriminatory practices aimed at older persons in various areas and stages of life will be specifically investigated and reexamined, with a special emphasis on older women.

Kicked off on 10-14 April 2024, “Age Against The Machine” is funded by a programme of the European Commission (CERV – Network of Cities programme) and led by the Red Cross of Serbia and the “Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture” Foundation. It involves partners in five countries: Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. A total of 12 activities are planned as part of the project, including one initial training for project mentors and coordinators, five “Age Against The Machine” festivals in the cities of project partners, one conference and five premieres of theater performances with communities from November 2024 to November 2025.

The Red Cross of Serbia will provide its expertise to all partners in the research process in relation to the topics of “ageism” in its various forms. This work will include the review of existing legal regulations in Europe and partner countries and the drafting of a pilot questionnaire on ageism.

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