Discover European common values by sharing stories and get mutual understanding – The EuroSen approach

SeniorTourism_EuroSen_pictureThe EU-funded project EuroSen intends to promote a new form of relational and experiential tourism for senior citizens characterized by :

  • a diversified set of itineraries matching visits to famous destinations (e.g. Milan) with less known places (e.g. the Castanese area) where tourists may discover the soul of the country and discover its traditions outside from the main touristic streams;
  • a community-based tourism, promoted by local community and seniors.

The EuroSen model fosters social interaction and friendship between peers of different countries, without suffering from language barriers, and being enriched by the human relationships.

AGE Platform is one of the project partners and is delighted to welcome you to the EuroSen final convention on April 3rd in Milan, Italy.

AGE Platform’s President, Marjan Sedmak, will be also providing an initial speech, alongside with other authorities such as the President of Regione Calabria and the Director of the Enrico Mattei Foundation.

The President of ANCeSCAO Milano, Mr. Lattuada, and ANCeSCAO Liaison Person with AGE, Mr. Bonfiglio will be also attend and be in the front line, as representatives of the touristic packages in the Castanese area.

Have a look at the final conference programme and do not hesitate to join us in Milan!

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