DigiTrein invites to embark digitalisation

Coming to an end in 2023, the Digitrein project is aimed to strengthen the digital inclusion and autonomy of older people in Brussels (Belgium). 

Technology may simplify many things, but many older people not been keen on using digital technologies to carry everyday tasks, often because of lack of skills or self-confidence.

In that context, several Brussels community centres, communes, local service centres and libraries have joined forces to launch DigiTrein.  Concretely, the project offers digital support in various Brussels communes (Digitrein drop-in centres) and supports anyone who wants to help others get started digitally (DigiTrainer). Two local community centres invite the Digitrein to their premises. Six workshops, four digiTrainer sessions and two digicafés, where people answer each other’s questions as a group, are offered per stop. The ultimate aim is to train enough volunteers so that the digicafés can continue to exist in the centres.

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