Digitalisation of financial services increases risk of exclusion & abuse in old age – AGE interview


Will we see an increase in the number of “incapacitated” older persons as a result of digitisation of financial services?
wonders AGE Platform Europe Secretary General, Anne-Sophie Parent in an interview for Independent Age. Looking at the financial risks facing older people in an increasingly digital world, Mrs Parent is particularly concerned by the higher risks of exclusion and abuse caused by the lack of digital accessibility.“Most computers, online banking software, smart phones and apps are not developed to respond to persons with diverse needs and abilities”, she points out. “If nothing is done urgently, millions of older citizens in Europe will be left with no alternative but to hand over the management of their personal assets to a third party”.

AGE Secretary General reminds that the newly adopted European Accessibility Act, which also covers digital financial services, has now to be implemented by EU member states. “I can only urge them (EU governments) to involve older persons when defining accessibility criteria, and I encourage older citizens across Europe to campaign together for accessible digital financial services to ensure no one will be left behind!”, concludes Mrs Parent.

Read the full interview here

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