Digital Tools for Age-Friendly Urban Living: URBANAGE recommendations

Photo from URBANAGE workshop

Coming to an end in January 2023, the URBANAGE project presents an assessment of the societal impact of its three-year work to enhance age-friendly urban living through the use of innovative digital tools.

The EU-funded project URBANAGE (‘Enhanced URBAN planning for AGE-friendly cities through disruptive technologies’) has been working to assess the potential benefits, risks, and impact of using innovative technologies in the field of urban planning for age-friendly cities. The project has developed an ecosystem of innovative tools harnessing the collective intelligence of users. These tools have recently been tested and assessed in three cites: Helsinki in Finland, Santander in Spain and Flanders region in Belgium. 

The outcomes of the impact assessment – and the resulting recommendations – have been compiled into five main categories of impact: Inclusiveness, Trustworthiness, Perceived Value, Acceptance/Adoption, Empowerment.

In order to ensure the successful adoption of digital tools for inclusive urban planning, URBANAGE concludes on the need for :

  • a robust feedback process, 
  • precise, relevant data, 
  • the engagement of end-users in the tool development, 
  • a tailored approach,
  • integrating new tools with existing solutions,
  • municipalities’ investment in time and resources.

AGE Platform Europe has been partnering with URBANAGE, namely to support the co-creation activities of the project. Read more on our involvement in the project.



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