Digital technology: BAGSO calls for simplified access and free choice

The President of the Federal Association of Senior Citizens’ Organisations (BAGSO), Dr Regina Görner, was invited to give a presentation on age discrimination at an international congress on ageism, in the border region of Germany, France, Belgium and Luxemburg.

The increasing digitalisation of services is hindering the participation of many older people in society. At Europ’Age international senior citizens’ conference on ageism in Saarbrücken on 13 October 2023, the President of BAGSO called for making the technically access to communication much easier for older people, such as for example in using fingerprints instead of passwords. In addition, older citizens should still be given the possibility to carry out their day-to-day tasks offline. For instance, they should be able to file their tax returns on paper, book swimming pool and event tickets offline, or continue to withdraw cash locally if they wish.

As part of  BAGSO’s campaign Living without the internet – is it still possible?, launched on 1st October 2023, Mrs Görner invited all older people to go to savings banks, theatres, tax offices and other institutions to claim their right to participate, even without online access. Resources on how to go about this are made available by BAGSO.

At the same time, the President of BAGSO called for greater use to be made of the technical knowledge and curiosity of young people in society, as well as of the resources of older people and their professional experience, under the motto “Jung hilft alt – alt hilft jung” (young people help old people – young people help young people).  

A report of this event is available in French and German (pdf).

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