Communication of the European Commission “European i2010 initiative on e-Inclusion – to be part of the information society”

November 2007

This Communication proposes a European e-Inclusion initiative sets out a strategic framework for action to implement the Riga Ministerial Declaration by:
-Enabling the conditions for everyone to take part in the information society by bridging the accessibility, broadband and competences gaps.
-Accelerating effective participation of groups at risk of exclusion and improving quality of life.
-Integrating e-Inclusion actions in Europe to maximise lasting impact.

AGE and its members must now influence this process at national level making sure that Member states put into practice these recommendations.

The Commission will raise awareness and connect efforts during 2008 through an e-Inclusion campaign “e-Inclusion, be part of it!”, to be concluded by a Ministerial Conference to demonstrate concrete progress and reinforce commitments at all levels.

You can download the Communication in all languages along with the supporting documents from this website

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