Commission’s work programme 2009: “acting now for a better Europe!”

The Commission has published its work programme 2009 with its strategic and priority initiatives. In the current economic and financial crisis, the Commission will not only focus on growth and jobs and other economic and financial measures, but also advance its Social Agenda for Opportunities, Access and Solidarity, as the need for active solidarity and cooperation among the Member States is more important than ever.

Important initiatives and proposals planned for 2009 are the reform of the post-2010 Lisbon strategy planned for December 2009, a thorough assessment of the EU preparations for the demographic change that will be presented to the Spring European Council, a communication on reducing health in equalities in the EU (September 2009), and a proposal for a Commission initiative on Alzheimer disease, building upon the progress made under the Slovenian and French Presidencies.

The year 2009 will also be the year of the European Parliament Elections and the Constitution of a new Commission, so the Commission will focus on how to communicate with its citizens, in taking into account their specific issues and concerns.

Please read the European Commission Work Programme 2009 here.

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