Colgate launches eLearning programme for better dental care among older adults

Colgate elearning imageColgate will launch an interactive eLearning program in Europe which it has been developed for anybody who is responsible for caring for older adults, whether at home, or in a residential centre. The development of this e-learning is part of Colgate’s on-going commitment to improve the oral health of people of all ages.

Developed by Colgate, in collaboration with independent experts from the Gerodontology field, the eLearning will be available in English and several other European languages in a later edition of CoverAGE and will take only 60-80 minutes to complete.

The eLearning program explains the link between oral and systemic health, and shows how carers can provide preventive care, to help older adults keep good oral health. The program includes several case scenarios focusing on routine preventive care and provides an oral assessment form to facilitate the work of the carer.
The program also aims to improve the early identification of oral diseases, allowing carers to refer their patients to a dental professional at a stage when they are still able to intervene in a timely manner.

Colgate has become a partner with AGE Platform Europe since the begining of the year. In the framework of this partnership, we will support Colgate’s effort to improve older people’s dental health and help to disseminate and promote the eLearning programme within our network.

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