Co-creating age-friendly environments: Mobility Scouts selected as “success story”


The Mobility Scouts team – 2018

We were happy to learn last March that the project „Mobility Scouts – Engaging older people in creating an age-friendly environment“ was selected as a „success story“ by a panel of experts by the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission. “Success stories” are finalized projects that have Mobility-Scouts_logo delivered policy-making, innovative results and/or a creative approach, and can be a source of inspiration for others.

AGE was a partner in this EU-funded project (Erasmus+), which aims to empower older men and women to contribute to the creation of age-friendly environments and services as co-producers involved in the decision-making processes.

Training older adults to shape inclusive policies

Thanks to the training tools developed by the project partners, older people are empowered to speak up and participate constructively in different societal, political, and economic fields and foster new types of cooperation with organisations, institutions and companies.

You can access Mobility Scouts’ training materials here

An ongoing story

The project which ran from 2016-2018 is still delivering interesting results and follow-up. The scope of Mobility Scouts was taken up by the current Erasmus+ project AFE Activists, in which AGE was an associated partner.

It is also still active in partner countries with more and more older persons joining the Mobility Scouts and AFE Activists groups: in Austria, the Open Houses and the Stap in Stap uit project in the Netherlands, regular organised walks in each district, in Lithuania (together with Edita Satiene), etc.

You can read more on the EU Erasmus+ website or the Project website

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For more information on Mobility Scouts and AGE work on age-friendly environments, you may contact Julia Wadoux,

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