Can standards support active and healthy ageing? AGE involvement in PROGRESSIVE project

By establishing norms and requirements for technical systems, standardisation processes make our lives safer, simpler, more comfortable and more efficient. Especially in the digital field, standards can ensure compatibility between products and provide better accessibility of goods and services.

As an end-users’ organisation, understanding and contributing to standardisation at the national and European levels seems to us of the utmost importance. At AGE Platform Europe, we believe that standardisation can be a powerful tool to support the adaptation of goods, services and environments to the needs of the ageing population.

This is the reason why AGE is involved, since October 2016, in the PROGRESSIVE project. Funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union for two years, PROGRESSIVE is a research project aiming to set in place a dynamic and sustainable framework where the contribution of standards and standardisation for ICT can be maximised for Active and Healthy Ageing.

In the PROGRESSIVE project, AGE will be in charge to engage relevant stakeholders – including older people – in the frame of a consultation process. This consultation will permit draft iterations of three key project deliverables, i.e. the interoperability profiles, age-friendly guidelines and guidelines for the co-production of standards.

For more information on PROGRESSIVE: or contact Estelle Huchet

For more information on AGE position on standardisation:

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