APSIS4all project: AGE contributions to the User Advisory Boards

The APSIS4all project aims at personalising Public Digital Teminals for all. It overcomes the existing accessibility barriers faced by people unfamiliar with the new technologies (ICT), people with disabilities and older people when interacting with Public Digital Terminals, such as ATMs and Ticket Vending Machines. With the purpose of gathering the perspectives of older users, AGE has been invited to the User Advisory Board of the project. The aim of this event was to present APSIS4all results, performing demos of both pilots (Spanish and German) and having a discussion on how to replicate APSIS4all in other areas and sectors.
Great efforts have been produced by the project consortium to mainstream accessibility in the ATM machines of the Spanish pilot site and the bus-ticket machines in the German pilot. Although the project’s good results, still lot of work is needed to ensure older people and people with disabilities can access products and services in seamlessly. The APSIS4all project is coming to an end, but its activities should be further fostered throughout the EU.

Should you be interested in learning more or get engaged in the process, do not hesitate to contact AGE (Ilenia.gheno@age-platform.eu) or the project coordinator (Technosite –pmo@technosite.es).

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