APRe! denounces Portuguese anti-inflation measures as discriminatory to pensioners

APRe!_logo The Portuguese government has agreed on a set of measures, called Families First, to support the population in mitigating the effects of the inflation. For the association of pensioners, Apre! some of the measures that concern pensioners are discriminatory and inappropriate. Among the measures taken is the earlier payment in October of one half of the increase in retirement pensions that people would be due to receive in 2023. This payment anticipation cannot be regarded as extraordinary support. It will furthermore introduce a disruptive factor into the system that will penalise pensioners in the years to come, as AGE Portuguese member explains in a press release.

Another measure put forward is the payment of an extraordinary benefit to minimize the effects of inflation to all citizens with individual incomes of up to 2,659 euros. All citizens, except pensioners who will be excluded from a one-off lump sum of 125 euros, which will be granted in October. It should be noted that most retired people receive a pension below this amount. This means that retired people and pensioners will be discriminated in relation to the general population.

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