APRe!_logoAPRe!, Association of Pensioners and Retirees, is a Portuguese organisation with wide national representation, based in Coimbra and with Delegations in Lisbon, Porto, Faro and soon in Setúbal.

Key mission

APRe!'s fundamental mission focuses on the following objectives:

  • Represent pensioners and retired members,
  • Promote civic participation in the definition of public policies aimed at a more just and supportive society,
  • Act as a social partner in the representation and defence of older citizens,
  • Establish cooperation relations with other associations or entities with similar purposes.

Future challenges

APRe! will seek to broaden its representativeness, strengthen its cohesion, deepen intergenerational solidarity and constantly monitor and defend pensioners and older persons in all national and European Union policies.

Added value of being a member of AGE

At European level, APRe! sit in AGE's Council of Administration, which brings prestige and added value to its international representation. Being a member of AGE has been very useful to share the work and message of this platform in Portugal.

APRe! is the only Portuguese Association of Retirees and Pensioners to be accredited by the United Nations in the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA).

Contact persons


Maria do Rosário Gama-Apré!-pictureMaria do Rosário Gama
Presidente of the Board




Anabela Paixão-Apré!-pictureAnabela Paixão
Member of the Board in charge of Healthcare and International Affairs

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