Ageing & technology – Takeaways from e-VITA final conference

As a partner in the e-VITA project, AGE co-organised the final conference of the 3-year joint European – Japanese cooperation on the use of  robotic to support ageing well.

‘The future of ageing: embracing technology for a fulfilling life’ was the topic of this conference that took place in Évry, France, from March 7th to 8th with online streaming. The event involved more than 140 participants and 37 speakers from renowned researchers, institutions, companies and e-VITA partners.

The conference shared insights from the joint cooperation between the EU and Japan aimed at designing a virtual coach to support older people in remaining active and healthy in their home, providing tailored recommendations to personal needs and wishes. New concepts of prevention and smart living solutions were featured to support well-being in later life by means of smart technology for community-dwelling older adults in Europe and Japan. 

Keynote speakers from Japan and Europe – Yuzuru Nagakaki and Michael McTear – discussed the latest advancements in welfare systems and technology as for example natural language models, highlighting the cutting-edge developments in both regions. The main outcomes of the e-VITA project were also unveiled , showcasing the knowledge garnered from its pilot programs in Japan, Germany, France and Italy.

The conference concluded with the opportunities that an ageing population presents to business and policymakers.

A right-based approach to technology for ageing well

On the second day, Julia Wadoux, AGE’s policy manager, chaired the roundtable intitled “A rights-based approach for developing public policies embracing AgeTech innovations”. Several good practices from Germany were showcased by Prof. Dr. Johannes Schädler, from the Centre for Planning and Development of Social Services (University of Siegen), from Italy by Dr. Giovanni Gorgoni, past chair of EUREGHA-European Regional and Local Health Authorities, and from Japan by Yuji Sakai, Executive Director, General Affairs & Planning Department, Public Welfare Bureau, Fukuoka City Government. All of them demonstrated how ageing and longevity can be an opportunity and the need of empowering older people in their regions. We also heard some good reflections on ethics from the renowned gerontologist Dr. Gerard Cornet.

With gratitude to all participants, speakers, and partners, this project came to an end in March 2023. AGE participation was crucial to raise the voice of older people in the development of social robotic and in the communication of the project.

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