AGE signs common statement calling for ‘A new Europe for people, planet and prosperity for all’

EU flag AGE Platform Europe is part of the 177 signatories of a common statement drafted on the initiative of WWF, CONCORD, ETUC and European Youth Forum.
Ahead of the EU27 Summit in Bratislava on 16 September 2016, the statement calls for acting together to build a renewed Europe, namely in:

  • Rejecting populist solutions;
  • Tackling challenges together;
  • Fighting for a sustainable, social Europe for people and for our planet;
  • Working for better Europe, not less Europe;
  • Listening and engaging actively with citizens of all ages and social backgrounds;
  • Making the case for Europe.

‘Current economic policies of reducing deficits and boosting ‘competitiveness’ have promoted too narrow an interpretation of growth, and corporate profits have failed to make it into workers’ wages or trickle down to improve people’s lives.’ (…) ‘We need a Europe that aims at improving the living standards of everyone…’ ‘ listen and engage actively with citizens of all ages and social backgrounds’. Work for better Europe, not less Europe: ‘A ‘better Europe’ is where joint European action creates tangible benefits for people and planet. This includes a new focus on equality and inclusion, a relaunch of the European social model…’

Read the whole joint statement here

Read this interview of Jacques Delors in EurActiv

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