AGE responds to the Commission’s Green Paper on Urban Mobility

March 2008

AGE has responded to the Commission’s Green Paper “Towards a new culture for Urban Mobility”. With this Green Paper the Commission has launched a Europe-wide debate on the key issues of urban mobility, which are the following: 1. free-flowing and greener towns and cities, 2. smarter urban mobility and 3. an urban transport that is accessible, safe and secure for all European citizens.

AGE welcomes the development of a European urban mobility strategy that lives up to people, especially older people s expectations. A European accessible transport and build environment for all citizens of the European Union are essential pre-conditions to achieve this objective.

The aspects covered in the Green Paper are of great relevance because in AGE view mobility and traffic safety have become an ever more important precondition of ensuring older citizens ability to lead their everyday life, keep up social relations, take part in every kind of activity outside their home, and go to places that are either subjectively significant for them or objectively central to providing for their daily material needs and health care.

The statistics shown in the Green Paper are informing and whilst it is stated that cities all face a similar challenge, AGE wonders whether in fact they are seeking a common solution. Common transport standards are needed to ensure that everyone including older people, can enjoy their freedom of movement within the EU.

The full text of the AGE response is available here.

To read the Green Paper “Towards a new culture for Urban Mobility” please click here

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