AGE presents policy recommendations on palliative care at InAdvance final conference

AGE presented the policy recommendations on palliative care at the project’s final conference in Brussels. These recommendations were based on the findings of the InAdvance project and the input and feedback from AGE members.

InAdvance proposes a new model of palliative care based on early detection and personalised care pathways addressed specifically to older people with complex chronic conditions.

The conference was held in person on 10 May 2023 and gathered representatives from social and health care, academia, patient associations, people related to health and care provision, policy makers and the general public with an interest in palliative care. The participants learned about the early detection of palliative care needs in the InAdvance trial, and how technology can help both in the identification of patients in need of palliative care, as well as in the delivery of palliative care.

We presented the policy recommendations on early integrated palliative care for older non-cancer patients care to raise awareness on the importance and benefits of early provision of palliative care, recommending to: InAdvance_policy_recos_presentation-small

  1. Invest in early and broader palliative care education;
  2. Empower older people and their families;
  3. Coordinate and integrate care;
  4. Set legal provision and indicators;
  5. Cost-effectiveness to early identification;
  6. Member States should share practices.

Participants were actively engaging with questions during the conference and with partners during the coffee break. In addition to getting coffee, participants also took the opportunity to try InAdvance technologies and learn more about the “Living Well Course” and the lived experiences of InAdvance participants in the trial through posters.



Vera Hörmann

Project Officer

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