AGE Platform Europe to present HAIVISIO during eHealth Week

HAIVISIO logo smallAGE Platform Europe will participate in the Speakers’ Corner at the eHealth Week in Riga on 11 May 2015. During this event, AGE Secretary General Anne-Sophie Parent will present the HAIVISIO project and explain what kind of communications support it can offer to eHealth projects.

AGE Platform Europe is a partner of the HAIVISIO consortium, which is a team of researchers, communications professionals, business developers and healthy ageing advocates that can help improving the dissemination and exploitation of EU research projects in the areas of ageing, eHealth and independent living.

HAIVISIO’s training courses

HAIVISIO offers dissemination training courses where participants will learn how to plan and prepare an effective dissemination strategy, tailor messages to specific types of audiences and understand different ownership and intellectual property rights models and choosing the most suitable one to be applied within a European consortium. The exploitation training courses will prepare participants for identifying and organising project assets, artefacts, models, deliverables and results and also support self-assessment and improvement of project communication and exploitation. For people who don’t have the possibility to attend physical meetings, HAIVISIO also offers trainings and workshops streamed over the web.

If you are involved in projects in the areas of ageing, eHealth and independent living and are looking at preparing a dissemination and exploitation strategy, check out the HAIVISIO website to learn about the tools and courses that HAIVISIO offers.

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