AGE Platform Europe response to EC consultation on the Single Market Act

4 March 2011

Please click here for AGE Platform Europe response to the EC consultation on the Single Market Act.

This consultation required us to select 10 out of a possible 50 EC actions related to the single market and to explain the importance that our choices have for older people i.e. on actions in areas related to services of general economic interest, transport infrastructure, fundamental social rights, pensions, recognition of skills and training, access to basic banking services, responsible lending and borrowing…

In particular, we explained that the Commission needs to pay more attention to the social dimension and to issues affecting citizens if citizen’s confidence that the EU is working for them is to be restored and that their interests as consumers, workers and as citizens with rights should be taken into account. We recalled that the Commission’s actions should also reflect recent key policy developments such as the ratification by the EU of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which creates new legal obligations for the EU and requires EU action to ensure a disability and age-friendly single market.

We also emphasized the importance of building up the capacity of stakeholders – such as older people’s organisations – to enable them to participate in dialogue on the single market and we explained that it is essential to make a direct link with the 2012 European Year on Active Ageing since active ageing requires an age- friendly environment and access to services.

For more details, contact Rachel Buchanan, Policy Officer for Employment and Discrimination, at

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