AGE Platform Europe calls to support the European Charter of older people in need of long-term care and assistance

The European Charter of rights and responsibilities of older people in need of long-term care and assistance is the result of the EUSTACEA project against elder abuse involving 11 partners from 9 countries coordinated by AGE Platform Europe, and supported by the European Commission’s Daphne III programme (for more information on the EUSTACEA project: ).

The Charter aims to raise awareness among the wider public, to stress the rights of the increasing number of people receiving long-term care, and to foster best practices in Member States and beyond. These rights are not fully respected today but our ambition is to fulfil them.

The Charter aims to become a reference document setting out the fundamental principles and rights that are needed for the wellbeing of all those who are dependent on others for support and care due to age, illness or disability. The aim of the Charter is to complete and support the charters and other measures which are already implemented in some countries of the European Union. It will be completed and clarified by an accompanying guide targeting caregivers, policy-makers and older people’s organizations which is currently being developed by the partners.

We would like to invite you to join the institutions and organisations who support the European Charter and help us disseminate it widely to all relevant stakeholders. (List of Signatories posted on AGE Platform Europe’s website[1]).

This list will be regularly updated and will be sent to the media across the EU with the Charter on 15 June to mark the International awareness day against elder abuse. Some of organisations will present the document to their national Parliament or government on 15 June. If you wish to join our campaign and would like us to add the name of your organisation to list of signatories, please send an e-mail with the exact name of your orgasation and contact details to Maude Luherne, AGE Platform Europe Project Coordinator

The Charter will soon be designed as a booklet. If you wish to receive a digital copy, please let Maude now (see e-mail address above).


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