AGE participation in expert workshop on long-term care

On 23 March 2014 AGE participates in the expert workshop on “Long-term care strategies for independent living of elderly people” of the ICT-AGE project. This project, led by the European Joint Research Center, Information Society Unit, aims to produce guidelines for the Member States through the use of technology. These guidelines are based on the case studies of good practices on how to design long-term care strategies that can increase the capacity of older adults to live independently, even when they become frail or contract multi-morbidities.

The project also seeks to identify good practices in technology-based services and solutions which enable older adults with different needs to live independently at home and which have been successfully implemented in Europe, United States and Japan. It further analyses the good practices case by case in terms of: business case, business model, technology and organisational change, technical standards, quality, scale and scale-up and national and EU role for leadership and transfer. The final goal is two-fold: 1) elaborate manuals for policy makers on how to implement future long-term care strategies to increase the independent living of older adults through the use of technology and; 2) identify how the EU can help the Member States to implement these technological services.

In the framework of a consultation of stakeholders in that field, AGE was invited to bring older people’s views and experience regarding the use of new technologies in care.

More information at or by contacting Maude Luherne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>

ICT-AGE project meeting March2014

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