AGE participation in Employment Week 2007

AGE was actively involved in this year’s Employment Week on 5-6 June 2007.

Recent AGE publications were made available on an exhibition stand which was shared with other members of the Social Platform.

Liz Mestheneous, Vice-President of AGE and representative of Hellas 50+, spoke about good practices by employers in the public and private sectors towards older workers in Session 2 on “Europe’s job creation performance under the spotlight. Where are the new jobs being created? Why do some countries do much better than others?”. Liz also chaired Session 21 on “Active ageing – is it the only response to demographic change? Can it work for both companies and employees?”.

Antonio Pitzeri, AGE member from Associazione Lavoro Over 40 in Italy, presented AGE and its objectives as a membership and lobby NGO. He then spoke about how the employment of older workers functions and what problems they face in gaining employment or remaining in the labour market in Italy during a panel discussion in Session 12 organised by a group of Social Platform members addressing how social and employment policies interact both with each other and with economic, environmental and industrial policies.

These presentations are provided below:

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