AGE organises user forum with AAL programme

On 18 November, 35 representatives of AGE member organisations gathered in Brussels to discuss Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) projects in the field of care, social inclusion and mobility and test a number of AAL solutions developed as part of those projects. Five projects were selected according to the overall scope of the product/solution they developed or are developing; the type of support to older adult’s daily life; the first results of the product/service’s testing; and the level of maturity of your product/solution.

The five projects were:

The ASSISTANT project aims at enabling older users to confidently and safely use public transport, and providing a safety net when route mishaps happen,. The main target group of ASSISTANT is therefore mobile older people, particularly when they are travelling to novel places or beginning to use public transport, or after stopping driving.

The Fearless project develops vision based sensors and combine them with acoustic event detection. This combination helps detect potential dangers, including smoke/fire, flooding, falls or sudden changes in daily life caused by a deterioration of the health condition. It also help handling risks by contacting the relatives or care taker organization without the need of any user intervention.

The HOPES project aims at developing an intelligent multimedia platform providing innovative social e-services for older persons and their social entourage (as carers / supporters and ICT tutors when needed). The ultimate goal of the project is to enhance socialisation, quality of life and autonomy by preventing isolation and loneliness, and generating positive social experiences and behaviour.

the Host project developed a digital infrastructure for social housing providers and a gateway to their services. It allowed a better quality of communication and a better access to package services for older persons and experimented a European model of “connected flats” characterised by specific equipments enabling easier relations with, family, service providers and housing operators, through enriched supports (images, text, voice, documents).

The “RelaxedCare System” aims to build a “system in a box” solution upon an existing AAL platform, using multi-level pattern recognition to detect the actual state of an assisted person and communicates it in a pervasive and unobtrusive way to the caregiver. The outcome will be a highly accepted, well designed, and working and market orientated “AAL system in a box”

AGE Members had the opportunity to discuss with the different project’s partners and evaluate the product/service according to its usefulness, user-friendliness, ability to respect users’ privacy, attractiveness and, last but not least, were invited to say if they would be willing to buy these products and services at a reasonable price.

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