AGE Members involved in a Task Force on ICT Standards for Active and Healthy Ageing

“Nothing about us without us” is a wide-spread motto of the European civil society. Yet these powerful words are also an ambitious programme for civil society to take action… especially when decisions that should be our concern, are as dry as standardisation. In the 6th PROGRESSIVE newsletter, AGE Platform Europe publishes an editorial explaining why standardisation should be everyone’s business, including those of older persons.

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As civil society activists, putting our hands in such a technical and complex sludge as standardisation is a dare. Going beyond policy advocacy to address soft regulation considerably enlarges the scope of our action, and requires a significant increase of resources if we expect to achieve a substantial impact.

In alignment with this call for civil society participation, AGE and the PROGRESSIVE project partners have set up a Task Force of older people representatives that is composed of Vassili Louziotis (AGSSE, Greece), Regine Matthijsen (NVOG, Netherlands), Liz Mestheneos (50+Hellas, Greece), Gérard Perrier (Générations Mouvement, France), Peter Rayner (National Pensioners Convention, UK), Michel Riquier (Anciens de BP, France).

You want to join the group? Contact Estelle Huchet or Ophélie Durand

When it comes to commercial negotiations or diplomatic talks, the most impactful decisions are often taken behind closed doors. But standardisation is a door we – as society – can open to ensure the goods, infrastructures, and services we create are appropriate, inclusive, and safe for all of us. Standards are everyone’s business. So: Hands-on, friends!

For more information on PROGRESSIVE: or contact Estelle Huchet and Ophélie Durand

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