AGE joins new project for more inclusive digital neighbourhood


In the new EU-funded project SEE U, AGE is teaming up with partners in four countries to promote age-friendly environments through a digital application.

SEEU-logo Started in December 2022, the Erasmus + project, SEE U – Senior Explorers of Urban Environments gathers 5 partner organisations: Letokruh,z.u in Czech Republic, Slovenian Third Age University in Slovenia, queraum.cultural an social research in Austria, Gerontologie CH in Switzerland and AGE Platform Europe. It is coordinated by queraum. cultural and social research.

Building on their previous collaboration in the DreamLike Neighbourhood project, this new group of partners will work together to create senior-led tours for seniors on a digital application.

Older poeple discover their neighbourhood digitally

The 2-year project will provide older persons the tools needed to discover and showcase their neighborhood by using a digital tool. The project is targeting seniors who want to develop and offer free interactive walks on an app with and for seniors.

The objectives of the project are multiple:

  • Promote social participation and digital equality: SEE U wants to highlight the participation of older people in society. Older people are often left out of the public square and city planning decisions. Through an application, older persons will be able to develop a digital tool that can be promoted by the municipalities, which will bring together different stakeholders around shared hobbies, interests and creativity. The project also aims to apply an inclusive approach, by giving access to digital technology to all those who wish it, and particularly to digitally excluded older people.
  • Closing the digital gap : This digital gap threatens the full social participation of older citizens in Europe and has to be minimized. With the co-creation of a training concept and specific workshops organized for and with older people, the project will enable to take over the use of the application and thus contribute to the empowerment of older people.
  • Low-threshold & innovative learning opportunities are needed: In order to support older people to become expert in the digital world, an individualized approach is needed, taking into account the needs of each person. It is important to remember that older people are a group of individuals with heterogeneous needs depending on their history, gender, experience, and lifestyle. Everyone, regardless of age, may have a different learning curve, which the project will take into consideration when conducting trainings and workshops.
  • Older people act as role models : Older people will become experts about their neighborhoods, leveraging their expertise on neighborhood knowledge for the benefit of pairs, willing to explore the city through nice guided online on a specific application. Older persons will not only become expert in using this application but will also become trainers by co-developing Online Manual for the creation of online based tours. With SEE U, participants will learn from each other during the all process “Learning happens along the way”.

Our involvement

As a partner in this project, we will be responsible for

  • disseminating on the project work at EU level;
  • reviewing the materials designed for the project : Fact Sheet, the Workshop Concept. Draft contributions to the Handbook ( a guide to develop digital tours);
  • presentating the results and materials to AGE’s Task For on Age Friendly Environment;
  • organizing the final event and participating in development, implementation, and sustainability meetings .

Your view matters!

The project would be interested in your opinion on the subject. If you would like to know more or share your opinion on the participation of seniors through the discovery of the city on an application, please contact us :

For more information:

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