AGE joins ECB Euro Retail Payment Board

AGE has joined the Euro Retail payment Board (ERPB) set up by the European Central Bank to succeed the SEPA Council (see ERPB Mandate).

The objective of the ERPB is to contribute to and facilitate the further development of an integrated, innovative and competitive market for euro retail payments in the EU.

This objective will be pursued through the following action:

(a) identifying and studying technical, behavioural and legal obstacles in – but not limited to – (i) credit transfer payments, (ii) direct debit payments, (iii) card payments, (iv) internet payments, (v) mobile payments and (vi) payments-related horizontal issues (e.g. issues related to standards, fraud and security);

(b) identifying and pursuing ways to address the obstacles under (a);

(c) identifying and pursuing ways to foster innovation, competition and integration in retail payments in euro in the EU.

AGE work in the ERPB will be informed by the contributions of AGE Task Force 9 on Financial Services .

On 16 May, AGE took part in the first meeting of the ERPB. The official statement summarising the outcomes of this first meeting is available on the ERPB webpage, together with most of the meeting documentation and an update of the ERPB composition.

2014-05-16 ERPB statement

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