AGE highlights at 3rd EYV2011 thematic conference the need to build on EYV2011 during EY2012

AGE was represented by its Vice-Presidence Louise Richardson in the 3rd thematic conference of the European Year of Volunteering on 3-4 November 2011 in Athens. Ms Richardson highlighted the need to carry forward the achievements made during the EYV2011 for older volunteers and to build on these during the upcoming EY2012 for active ageing and solidarity between generations, in particular through its thematic priority dedicated to enabling active ageing in the community. This call was echoed by Ylva Tiveus, Director of the Citizens’ Directorate at DG Communication at European Commission, in her closing remarks on 4 November.

AGE led an open space discussion session in which participants exchanged on how older volunteers contribute to improving Europe’s social, cultural and environmental welfare and what concrete actions can be taken during EY2012 to enhance their contribution.

AGE also led a table discussion during a session following the World Cafe model where experts discussed and concluded on the need for national legislation on volunteering in all Member States Currently only 1 in 5 Member States has legislation on volunteering. In its report back in plenary, AGE proposed that a compendium could be made of what national legislation exists on volunteering witha view to this being analysed and recommendations drawn for those Member States who do not yet have national legislation on volunteering.

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