Age-friendly Housing: a European Reference Framework in 2018?

Last April 26, AGE attended a workshop organised by the European Commission to work with various representatives of public authorities, universities, construction and IT industries on a European Reference Framework for Age-friendly Housing.

The aim of this workshop was to define a clear idea of what are the viable and affordable solutions and their benefits for fulfilled, meaningful living in the home environment. The event led to the set up of working groups to work on different aspects of the Framework (co-creation, financing, building, innovation and technologies, impact assessment, standardisation).

Age-friendly housing workshop The different groups are expected to work remotely in the coming months in order to define, by next Spring 2018, the guidelines for mainstreaming age-friendliness in the construction and technology sectors.

Even though the drafting process is still at an early stage, AGE will do its best to stand along partner organisations such as cities involved in the World Health Organisation global network of age-friendly communities, in order to ensure that the Reference Framework reflects the variety of needs and preferences of older people as well as adopt a life-cycle approach.

This workshop was the follow-up of the 2016 “Neighbourhoods of the Future” Roadshow that engaged stakeholders in a dialogue about the opportunities and challenges of concerted actions in the age-friendly housing domain. On the occasion of the Roadshow closing event in December 2016, many stakeholders expressed their intention to work together on a European Reference Framework for Age-friendly Housing.

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