Age-friendly airports in Ireland

The Age Friendly Airport Project was set up following a wider consultation process launched in 2015-2016 in view of developing of age-friendly strategies in Ireland.

Age-friendly_Ireland-logo As part of this project, Age-friendly Ireland set up a consortium for the drafting of guidelines for an age-friendly airport that was presented to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Both the suggestions coming out from the consultation and the guidelines developed helped the Shannon Airport and Ireland West Airport to improve their accessibility and become the first airports to be recognised as Age Friendly airports by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

What is an age-friendly airport?

An age-friendly airport is airport that optimizes opportunities for people of all ages, in particular older people. It should enable older people to travel in comfort and safety and be treated with dignity and respect. The infrastructure must be adapted to older people’s needs and preferences, and in line universal design standards.

In particular, it should meet a number of criteria:

  • public seating, ideally every 100 meters,
  • adequate number of accessible toilets,
  • pedestrian lights with longer crossing times,
  • clear signs/information on airport arrivals and departure
  • contact communication points
  • appropriate lighting and signage toward the airport
  • appropriately designed footpaths and parking
  • other features in consultation with older persons

Read more on those guidelines (pdf document)

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