AGE Contribution to the Consultation on Internet of the Things

July 2012

While the Internet we are using today offers access to content and information through connectivity to web pages and to multiple terminals (e.g. mobiles, TV), the Internet of things (IoT), which is currently under development, consists in the interconnectivity of our physical environment and everyday objects. This can take different forms, for instance:

– A car being able to report the status of its different subsystems using communicating embedded sensors to alert its owner about dysfunctions or failures.

– A fridge being able to send information to smartphones about its content while people are shopping

– A coffee machine being able to evaluate its coffee reserve and to order new stocks according to its needs

– Health monitoring devices being able to send information on health status to medical centres

AGE strongly welcomes the new consultation on the IoT, which was closed the 10th of July, recognising the significant progresses it could allow to address societal challenges and to improve daily life of the growing number of older people across the EU. AGE took this opportunity to call for privacy, safety and security protection, especially when such applications deal with sensitive data, i.e. health status, and when they might be used by more vulnerable groups.

To read AGE contribution, please click here (PDF format) or here (WORD format).

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