AGE contribution to 3rd Standarisation Summit

The overall objective of the the 3rd Standarisation Summit was to investigate how standarisation can support the silver economy in order to better meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of older people in Europe while at the same time boosting employment and economy.

The concept of the ‘silver economy’ refers to a wide range of activities that meet the needs of older citizens and customers including housing and the environment, health and safety, transportation, information and communication technologies (ICT), diverse leisure activities, and various kinds of services such as home care services, etc.
The event was attended by more than 200 delegates, including leaders from national, European and international standardisation organisations, as well as representatives of the Turkish Government, the European Commission and other stakeholders.

With the participation of Mr Ebbe Johansen, AGE Vice-President, we seized the momentum offered by this event to highlight the important role that standardisation can play in fostering the development of accessible – ‘designed-for-all’ – goods and services, as well as age-friendly environments to accommodate the needs of older people in need of care and assistance. In a press release, we also call on CEN-CENELEC to involve societal stakeholders in standards development to provide the perspective of the end-users and make sure that that the needs of users are taken into account in the standardisation process.

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