AGE contributes to pan-European research network on smart home technologies

Acrossing_logo The development of smart home technologies is regarded as a promising approach to foster independent living at home in old age. However, to develop such solutions on a large scale, an appropriate technology infrastructure is needed to address the multidisciplinary nature of this field.

The EU-funded research project ACROSSING implements a multidisciplinary, cross-sector, pan-European training network aiming to remove barriers between disciplines and between sectors through coordinated bottom-up research and interactions.

It will provide comprehensive training for 15 early stage researchers by combining campus and industrial-based training, to establish links between research, real-world problems, innovation and personal career.

As an associate partner in this project, AGE Platform Europe will provide some training and will host one of the researchers. We will also participate in the supervisory board of the project.

For more information on this project, please consult here the poster and the leaflet presenting the project and the first newsletter.

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