AGE contributes to mHealth consultation

mHealth consultationIn April, the Commission launched a public consultation on the Green Paper on mobile health, inviting comments on the barriers and issues related to the use of mHealth. Stakeholders input will help identify the right way forward to unlock the potential of mobile health in the EU. The Commission also publishes a Staff Working Document on the existing EU legal framework applicable to lifestyle and wellbeing apps, aiming at providing simple guidance to app developers on EU legislation in the field.

Considering that mHealth is a radical innovation which has a great potential impact on older persons, AGE decided to contribute to this consultation.

AGE Platform Europe welcomes the Green Paper and considers that mHealth technologies are a radical innovation which has a great potential impact on older persons. However, we insist that the overall objective to be kept in mind is ensuring that the use of mHealth will lead towards care and better treatment without leading to further health inequalities or social isolation. Patient’s involvement and empowerment should lead the discussion in that area taking key issues such as literacy, affordability and accessibility into consideration.

AGE contribution is available here: WORD PDF

For more information on the EU consultation, please consult the website of the European Commission which also includes an infographic.

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