AGE contributes to EU wide initiative on reshaping Europe

Following up on the debate on the future of Europe started in March this year, the New Pact for Europe (NPE) published a new report ‘Re-energising Europe: A package deal for the EU27, which outlines ways forward based on input from more than 120 national and transnational debates carried out throughout Europe. As a member of the NPE’s Advisory Board, AGE has been actively involved in the discussions.


New-pact-for-europe-logo-2016 Given the many challenges and crises facing today’s European Union, there is an urgent need to foster debate on reshaping the European project at all levels. This is the objective of the New Pact for Europe (NPE), an initiative launched in 2013 to rebuild trust and to develop new common ground on the future of the European Union. The project is exploring how the EU can better serve the interests of its member states and citizens, through a series of national and transnational debates on key policy challenges carried out through discussions in National Reflection Groups created in ten EU countries as well as through transnational exchanges between these groups.

The NPE report ‘Re-energising Europe A package deal for the EU27’ is the result of 5 years of reflection fed by more than 120 national and transnational debates involving policymakers, experts, civil society representatives, ordinary citizens, and other stakeholders in 17 EU member states. It outlines how Europe should return to a ‘win-win deal’ from which all countries and citizens benefit and which would balance responsibility and solidarity, security and solidarity, national sovereignty and integration, growth and cohesion.

This report will feed into the ongoing discussions about the future of Europe and will in the coming months be presented and debated in the Member States with policymakers, EU experts, stakeholders and citizens.

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