AGE contributes to CEN CENELEC Joint Working Group on Design for All

CEN CENELEC logoOn 30 September – 1 October, AGE participated in the second meeting of the CEN CENELEC Joint Working Group (JWG5) ‘Design for all’. Following the European Commission Mandate 473 to include accessibility following “Design for all” in relevant standardisation initiatives, CEN and CENELEC established the JWG5 to develop a new standard on how the manufacturing industries and public and private service providers can consider accessibility in their processes.

In its role, the JWG5 is assisted by two other groups who are working on the implementation of Mandate 473:

  • Strategic Advisory Group on Accessibility (CEN BT WG 213), of which AGE is a member;
  • A group of 11 accessibility and user representative experts.

AGE is actively contributing to the activities of the Joint Working Group thanks to the contribution of its Task Force 13 on Standardisation.

As an answer to the Mandate 473, the European Telecommunications Standards Institutetion’ (ETSI) developed a Guide to identify Design for All aspects in ETSI deliverables: “Human Factors: Guidelines to identify ‘Design for All’ aspects in ETSI deliverables”, accompanied by a presentation to raise awareness on Design for All issues.

For more information, please contact Alice Sinigaglia,

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