AGE contributes to a new ‘Study on Risks and Opportinuties of digitalisation for financial inclusion’

Financial_services Under the leadership of AGE Platform Europe, the Financial Services Users’ Group (FSUG) – of which AGE is a member – outsourced a “Study on the Risks and Opportunities of Digitalisation for Financial Inclusion: The perspective of vulnerable users in Estonia, Italy and UK with a focus on groups covered by the European Accessibility Act”. This 78-page report aims to describe how digitalization, in the form of online banking services, is affecting end-users in vulnerable groups. It includes the views of end-users, in particular it presents detailed information from the point of view of people with disabilities given the current context of the European Accessibility Act.

Anne-Sophie Parent, AGE Secretary General and chair of the FSUG welcomed the study’s analysis of barriers faced by persons with functional limitations and stressed the importance of the European Accessibility Act to ensure that coordinated action will be implemented at European level to improve accessibility to automated teller machines (ATMs), ticketing and check-in machines, e-commerce, mobile payments, online banking services, etc.

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