Adapting the urban environment to make it more age-friendly – AGE joins new EU project


AGE has joined UrbanAge, a new EU-funded research project aimed at better adapting cities to an ageing population with the help of new technologies.

Urbanage-logo Adapting urban environments to current challenges requires a multidisciplinary understanding of interrelated and complex phenomena. The use of disruptive technologies (e.g. GPS) can help us make evidence-based decision in the field of urban planning.

UrbanAge will discuss with older people in Santander, Flanders and Helsinki to better understand how the urban space impact their daily life and what can be done to improve it to be more age-friendly. The partners will also develop innovative tools for local authorities to guide transformation towards more inclusive cities, in terms of accessibility and safety in all areas of the physical environment (including public spaces, streets, public transport and housing, as well as access to community services).

Visit our project webpage for more details

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