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Join our network and make your voice heard for age equality!
We want our network to be as inclusive and representative as possible in order to reflect the great diversity of the older population in Europe.

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AGE is a network of both organisations of older people and/or organisations working for them. Our primary objective is to promote the active involvement of older people. Given the great diversity present in older age, we want our network to be as inclusive and representative as possible!

WHY to become a Member of AGE?

By joining our network, you will…

Concretely, you will be able to…

  • Liaise with European officials with the help of AGE secretariat
  • Receive information about EU and global policies and funding opportunities
  • Appoint representatives to contribute to the policy work of AGE Task Forces
  • Train your staff and experts through AGE capacity-building activities
  • Participate in research and innovation projects AGE is involved in
  • Share your work and activities within AGE network

Reaching a critical mass is key to make a difference! 

We look forward to meeting you to discuss how we could best team up. Do not hesitate to contact us

WHAT type of Member categories exist?

Full member 

Open to not-for-profit regional, national and European organisations representing and/or working for older people in the European Union

  • Representation of your organisation and full vote at the General Assembly
  • Possibility to nominate your organisation to be the representative of your Member State at the Council of Administration
  • Participation to all AGE activities – both policy and statutory
  • Refunds for most of your participation costs

Membership fee: yearly fee of 0,32% of your total income (turnover) – with minimum 464,88 euros or maximum 3689,92 euros.

Accession Countries
& Former EU Member State members 

Open to organisations from countries that are applicants for membership of the EU or to organisations and associations from countries which have ceased their membership to the European Union.

  • Participation in all meetings and working groups of AGE. Coverage of expenses for participation in the meetings and working groups of AGE is to be discussed within the Council of Administration, in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Secretariat.
  • One delegate to AGE General Assembly (with no voting right) and Council meetings (one representative per country; elected by the members of the country following the procedure described in the Internal Rules for the election of national members of the Council).

Membership fee: 464,88 euros / year.

Observer member

Open to organisations that are not eligible to become Full Members.

  • One delegate to AGE General Assembly (no voting rights)
  • No representative in the Council of Administration
  • Participation in all AGE activities, meetings, and working groups
  • No refund for costs incurred by your participation in AGE activities

Membership fee: 464,88 euros / year.

WHO can become a Member?

To be eligible as a member of AGE, you need to:

  • Be legally constituted as a not-for-profit and non-gevernmental association
  • Directly represent and/or work on behalf of older and/or retired people
  • Be located in the countries of the European Union (full members only).

HOW to become a Member?

  • Fill in the membership application form in the useful links (in English or French)
  • Attach a copy of your organisation statues
  • Attach a copy of the latest approved accounts of your organisation
  • Share any material about your activities (annual report, newsletter, leaflet, etc.)
  • Mail your application to our accreditation committee:



Nathalie De Craecker

Administration and Office Assistant

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